It could be anything from developing a new range of products to assisting in adding functionalities or details to existing products. Not sure of what products to go for? Let me have a look at it and help you with the desicion making.


I have great experience in developing both single products and full product ranges. Having worked as a product manager I know how important it is to have a range of products that are well connected, products that are completing eachother. To ensure that I can give the best recommendations possible I always stay updated on trends and the market situation.


It's just as important to me as it is to my customers that I create products that will perform well. It's much more fun to be able to make new products often rather than having the same products for a long time!



Finding a good, trustworthy and reliable manufacturer is one of the most important things when creating products. The amount of problems a bad manufacturer may cause is not something you want to focus on when you're running a business. So instead of searching through the increadible amount that's out there, leave it to me!


Having worked with manufacturing for the last eight years I have built a great network of some of the very best manufacturers out there.

My main expertise is within bags and small leather goods, stationery, sunglasses, watches and homewares.


Whatever product you're after you can be sure that I will do my very best to find a reliable manufacturer for you.

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